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Dennis Wall's c.v. (482 KB)

Dennis Wall's c.v.

Dennis J. Wall
P.O. Box 195220
Winter Springs, FL




A lawyer cannot communicate with someone who is represented by a lawyer without risking a grievance and having her or his license taken away. So says the Bar.

A lawyer cannot communicate with someone without risking a malpractice claim and possibly also a grievance unless the person is another lawyer. So says the country's largest Malpractice Carrier.

I am an author and a lawyer. Most of the time, I can't reply to you directly, and there are good reasons for that. I wanted you to know.
Thank you for understanding.


SENDING A MESSAGE OR AN EMAIL DOES NOT MAKE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP. ALWAYS CONSULT THE CASES AND LAWS OF EACH PARTICULAR JURISDICTION AND AN ATTORNEY IN AND FAMILIAR WITH THE PARTICULAR JURISDICTION AND ITS LAWS, WHENEVER YOU TRY TO ADDRESS OR RESOLVE ANY LEGAL QUESTION. The information provided on this site is informational, only. We are located in Florida and comply with all ethical rules of the Florida Bar. Some States may require the wording "This is an advertisement" or other words or information of this nature. Reading email or Comments, or replying to email or Comments, or accepting telephone calls or returning telephone calls shall not be considered legal advice. We require that all agreements for professional services including Expert Witness Services be in writing and signed by Mr. Wall, the Firm and the client.