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"Lender Force-Placed Insurance Practices" (American Bar Association 2015).

Testimonials for "Lender Force-Placed Insurance Practices" written by Dennis J. Wall, published by the American Bar Association. (48.2 KB)

"Dennis Wall's fine book, Lender Force-Placed Insurance Practices, is an excellent and deep study of one of the great consumer rip-offs of the last few decades. Mr. Wall has done a great service for attorneys and advocates who need to understand this issue in order take action to move the nation toward ending the abusive kickbacks that unfairly double or triple the cost of insurance for Americans already struggling to keep their homes." — Bob Hunter Director of Insurance, Consumer Federation of America; Former Texas Insurance Commissioner and Federal Insurance Administrator. / "My perception of reasonableness changed dramatically on reading Mr. Wall's fine exposé." R. Lee Bennett, Esquire GrayRobinson, PA Orlando, Florida. / "Dennis Wall does a superb job in describing how this phenomenon came about. Surveying practically all of the publicly available resources, he describes proper and improper practices, legal arguments, and potential solutions." Jay M. Feinman Distinguished Professor of Law, Rutgers University School of Law Camden, NJ.